Hello there Blog-osphere! My name is Seamus and I’m delighted to contribute to this little venture.  Please check back often and do spread the word.  Love it or hate it, its going to be an obsession.  (Yes that was a Lady Soverign reference) so before I embarrass myself further…

Unfortunately, Anne Carson’s appearance at the writer’s house tonight was canceled.  Although Carson will most likely be back (she does teach a class here after all) it is truly unfortunate, especially since her performance piece last year worked so well.  Carson and her collaborators turned the Writer’s House into a “haunted room.”  The surreal piece was a highlight of the reading series that re-established the possibilities of the space.  Did I understand all of it? Definitely not.  Could I appreciate the creativity? Hell yes.

But instead, tonight you will find me at The Sidewalk Cafe in Alphabet City rocking out (listening appreciatively?) to some slam poetry starting at  8:00.

Speaking of slam, friday nights at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe (also Alphabet City) are mandatory for anybody interested in the art.  Arrive early, fight for a seat, and mentally prepare yourself for the onslaught of good poetry about to come your way.  Another worthy poetry/music venue on the east side is the Bowery Poetry Club which features a pretty generous variety of performances (tonight is a burleque show, tomorrow is a Brooklyn punk band.)

Some notable + free events in fiction tonight: NYU faculty member Chuck Wachtel reads from his novel 3/03 at the NYU Bookstore and Adam Levin reads from his debut The Instructions at BookCourt in Brooklyn.  Levin’s novel has been receiving numerous comparisons to David Foster Wallace for similarities in both style and literal size.  I, for one, will be very interested to see if those comparisons hold (as soon as I can devote time to fully consuming a thousand pages.  Just some light reading, I know)

Until next time, have a wonderful week West Tenthers.  I know I will–Junot Diaz comes to Cantor on the 11th!