Hey all. TGIAT! (Thank God It’s Almost Tuesday) Hope Monday was fierce but you were fiercer. Windswept hair, etc.

So if you didn’t know about the Tony-award winning Broadway show “In The Heights“, please go see it. It’s closing this January and creator, lyricist, and star, Lin-Manuel Miranda, will be back to star in the final three weeks of its run. The show is amazing. But Miranda is even more amazing. 

I just caught a show last weekend of his freestyle improve group, Freestyle Love Supreme (I KNOW!), and it was hilarious. Funny without needing to insult anybody. Anyway, seeing that performance revived my deep affection for Mr. Miranda (he of the bottomless brown eyes and rapier wit…and yes, he is recently married).

ANYWAY after much youtubing, I came across a video released by the White House youtube channel of Mr. Miranda performing a rap about Alexander Hamilton at the White House Evening of Poetry, Music, and the Spoken Word way back in May 2009. Check it out here.

First of all, if Alexander Hamilton isn’t in your top three favorite founding fathers (yes, George Washington cannot be bumped for any man) I don’t know what to say. He had fiery red hair, he was the born in the Caribbean and moved to New York, he wrote the Federalist Papers. Died in a duel because he fired into the air but his opponent didn’t.

Second of all, this night of poetry at the White House looked pretty cool. Wish we had been there. To, you know, read more.