Congratulations to Jessica Kagansky, the winner of our latest blog contest!

In a Corner of a Chinese Laundromat
Jessica Kagansky

the slant of the sparkles in the snow kept changing
i looked up to find you sharply there
standing next to me with eyelids rosy from the cold.

i wrapped my warm towel around your head like a garland of daisies
your black curls were matted and I watched the red pigment leave your eyes and creep
down to crisscross your cheekbones and unfurl quietly across your lips where it belonged.

you told me over the hum of the washing machines that my eyebrows were overgrown
and i tried not to raise the corner of my upper lip in a sneer as you said it
we looked out the streaked window at a car stuck in the snow,
blackened as a swordfish.