This week’s post, by necessity, will have to be very short…though, I hope, not overwhelmingly sweet.  I find that it’s often difficult for writers, when trying to craft a solid poem, to boil their language down to the precise images the poem needs.  I’m going to go ahead and give out a great poetry prompt, stolen (with the best of intentions) from Deborah Landau.  She once asked our class to write in the style of (Canadian!) Anne Carson’s “Town Poems” from Plainwater.  This one in particular may prove helpful:

Town of the Death of Sin

“What is sin?

You asked.

The moon stung past us.

All at once I saw you.

Just drop sin and go.

Black as a wind over the forests.”

Yep, that’s it…powerful stuff huh?  I wish the best of luck in all penned adventures this week!