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Hello all!

Am I the only one who gets ecstatically happy at the prospect of receiving a new poem every day in my inbox? Ah, thank you, my ears are tingling with the echo of that resounding “NO! Tell me more!”

If you haven’t already, take a moment to subscribe (for free!) to The Academy of American Poets poem-a-day email list. In 2009, the blissful poem-a-day routine only lasted for the month of April (National Poetry Month! I know, as if anyone needs a reason to love April more) but since April 2010, the Academy decided–with the help of internet voters–that the poem-a-day extravaganza should last year round. Hear, hear.

So sign up, sit back, and start every morning by reading a new poem by an author you may or may not have heard of before. LOVE IT!

And, to sign off, a prompt:

Write a poem made solely of observations. As in, not putting you or your mind in there–just what you see/hear/smell/taste/touch. For example: I saw a blue wool coat lying across a cream-colored quilt. Not: I saw my roommate’s coat lying across my bed. 10-20 lines. See what kind of scene you can create using these sparse images.