Hello! Long time no blog. I blush. And I digress. So right to business:

The NYU Creative Writing Program website is chock full of fun things to listen to when putting off homework/studying. I want to bring two such gems to attention.

Did you know that NYU CWP and Slate magazine collaborated to create the Open Book series of videocasts with famous writers? People you admire and envy? Intelligent, intelligent folks? You can now listen to them and SEE them moving and breathing and being alive and successful right in front of your eyes, being interviewed by our own Fearless Leader and Director Deborah Landau, along with Slate’s (and now NYU’s as well) Meghan O’Rourke. The likes of John Ashbery, Jonathan Safran Foer, and Junot Díaz reside in the link below.

Check them out here.

And this I did already know about: the CWP has been putting up lovely podcasts of the past couple of semester’s reading series. If you missed out on catching your favorite writer visiting NYU–or if you desperately want to remember that astonishing turn of phrase that writer said and you without your writing implement repeated over and over on the walk back home but forgot right at the door–your problems are solved.

Check the podcasts out here.

Perhaps you have already discovered such corners and gems. Alack (changin’ it up). You super sleuth.