Hi everyone,

I’m sure many of you have really good ideas for novels, but unfortunately don’t know how to start them. You’re probably wondering what you need to have in the first chapter or even how much you should include. Well, Elizabeth Sims in her article “8 ways to write a 5-star chapter one” can help answer some of your questions. Her article gives  tips to writers (especially those who are freaking out) who don’t know how to start their books. Some of her advice includes deciding on the story’s point of view,  the tense the story will be written in, the purpose of the book, and not wasting too much time setting up the opening scene. She also states that it is imperative for starting writers to be brave. That’s right;  you should not be scared of editors and agents. Sims claims they don’t want perfection in manuscripts, but rather originality (still you don’t want your manuscript to have silly typos, now do you?).

For an in-depth reading of the article, follow the link. I also recommend reading writer’s digest in general because it has a wealth of information for writers.