Just a small, encouraging thought I had this evening that could possibly, maybe help with your Sunday night writer’s block?

Human beings, inherently, are storytellers. Think about it– we dream. All of us do. Our dreams begin, and end. Things happen in them, and often they mean something. And even when its meaning is foggy, there’s something being recorded there. Details from your life are being arranged in some way and it’s your brain that’s doing it for you. On the low, without you telling it to. Putting ideas in order and leaving an impression for you to remember when you wake up.

The way our brain translates information is by literally turning it into a story. If our brains can do this subconsciously, while we’re sleeping, you sure as hell should be able to do it when your eyes are still open and your brain is in tune. CHU KNOW? Great! Keep writing. Cyaaaaa.