Hello all, hope you’re second semester segues swimmingly.  Can anyone believe that’s the year’s almost over??? I for one, cannot wait for summer so I can begin tackling my comically long list of BOOKS-I-MUST-READ-RIGHT-NOW.  The process started last night when I walked over to St. Mark’s Bookshop and perused their sales.  If anyone is looking for the classic local-indie-bookstore, this is the place to go.  (Shakespeare and Co. is close in terms of atmosphere but is part of a mini-chain, plus not as indebted to village history as St. Marks.)  For one thing, they have an abundant number cool/weird/obscure magazines, a great poetry section, and plenty of signed books from NYC authors scattered throughout.  Last year, for example, I was thisssss close to getting a signed copy of Patti Smith’s Just Kids.  Although they don’t have much event space, which is unfortunate, they do stay open to midnight–perfect for late-night book runs like the one I made on Monday night.


What did I find?  The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides for only seven dollars.  And though it was MY LAST SEVEN DOLLARS, I figured it was worth it.  Food?…ehhhh.  A good book?…now we’re talking.  Plus I’m excited to compare it with Sofia Coppola’s film version.  (Now don’t hate y’all.  Yes I saw the film first, but in my defense, I didn’t know it was based on a book til afterwards.)  Time to blast the band Heart and rock some “far out” 70s vests.