Hello there West Tenthers!  Forgive my inexcusable absence these past weeks.  In my defense, I am deep in preparations for finals and my summer abroad in Madrid.  Yes, you read that right…I know, I know, I’m excited to.  In the vein of so many great American writers I hope to find some inspiration among all those classy Europeans and…their very old buildings.

I’d love to hear about your summer plans–what’s crackin with you kids?  Summer reading lists anyone?

And before the semester draws to a close I want to clue you guys into yet another exciting event (if you can forgive the shameless self-promotion).  Tomorrow night at 7:00, the NYU Bookstore will feature poetry readings from Deborah Landau, Kevin Prufner, Joni Wallace, and Tom Healy.  Deborah is not only the director of the Creative Writing Program, but also a not-too-shabby poet.  I highly recommend it!  And if you see a pretty fly looking dude in his purple apron scurrying to and fro in the bookstore tomorrow night, stop to say “hey.”  Y’all know I love some recognition.