In an article on literary magazines at NYU, NYU Local recently praised West 10th, calling us “solid” and “universally recognized” as NYU’s official literary magazine.

It is a lovely article, one in which I’m pleased to be included. It is also a short article, though, and quotes culled from long conversation (it was) will always leave things out, understandably—I worry slightly, for example, that we might get a flood of poems in mimetic homage to Donne, Shakespeare, and Dickinson; also that our submitters will think that all we’re interested in is sound; don’t think these things. But good work, Olivia Loving and NYU Local, and thank you.

Keep an eye out for further interaction with the NYU Community—especially the forthcoming announcement about a collaboration with Citywide, one of WNYU’s arts-focussed lenses.

Until then, keep writing—and submitting!

Phillip Polefrone, Editor-in-Chief