Congratulations to the new editorial board! We received a record number of applications this year, and after much deliberation, Lauren and I feel confident that we have selected the strongest, most cohesive group possible. We can’t wait to start work on the magazine again next year. 


Editor-In-Chief: Laura Stephenson

Managing Editor: Lauren Roberts

Poetry Editors: Maeve Nolan, Beau Peregoy

Assistant Poetry Editors: Jarry Lee, Joe Masco, Amanda Montell, Eric Stiefel

Prose Editors: Zonia Ali, Conor Burnett

Assistant Prose Editors: Caroline Calloway, Katelyn Lovejoy, Benjamin Miller, Meredith Sharpe

Art Editors: Laura Hetzel, Michelle Ling

Copyeditors: Olivia Loving, Rebecca Rae, Emma Sullivan


See you in the fall!