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Hello! I’m Justin Hong, West 10th’s poetry editor! I’m a junior studying Asian/Pacific/American Studies and Creative Writing. I am also all about dat anticolonialism, antiimperialism, antiracism, etc.


tiny tomorrow manifesto/ Justin Hong

after Arundhati Roy


[tomorrow’s instruction manual is nestled inside this very if.]

justplaintired, bonefizzy, and looking past yourself, you’re


learning how to make happy, freight happy

with things that haven’t  happened yet. in


this sort of invention, the see-do poetics has a

magazine you stuff with a dustcoated heirloom dream.


you tug on the trigger and the expired ammu-

nition shatters, linguafranca barrel shatters. does


the handheld poetics shatter? it must. joy! but that

is all prepwork. for real step1 is: how to make rubble [hope] count?