About West 10th

West 10th is a student-edited literary journal for all NYU undergraduates. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

2018-2019 Editorial Board

E Yeon Chang, Editor-in-Chief

E Yeon Chang 장이연 loves poetry, bears and Korea. A 2016 recipient of the Tory Dent Research Scholarship, she is a reader for UNDERBLONG. E Yeon enjoys discovering strong women, whether they be from mythology, history or her classroom. Her work has appeared in James Franco Review, Hobart Pulp, LIT Magazine, Nat. Brut, and has received recognition from the National YoungArts Foundation, the President’s Commission on the Arts, and the Academy of American Poets, among others. She is partial to lemon prints, garlic and kindness.

Angelica Chong, Managing Editor 

Angelica is a senior from Singapore double-majoring in English and Media, Culture, and Communication. She enjoys science fiction & fantasy, urban theory, and inordinate amounts of pasta.

Chelsea Cheng, Prose Editor

Chelsea is a junior at CAS studying English and Cinema Studies and minoring in Social & Cultural Analysis. A part-time human and full-time procrastinator, she recently learned how to make eggs.

Natalie Whalen, Prose Editor

Natalie is a senior in CAS majoring in English and minoring in Creative Writing. Although she hopes to eventually become somewhat well-regarded for her own writing, she’s more comfortable critiquing that of her peers. More often than not, you can find her at a movie theater alone watching whatever overpriced indie she couldn’t bother dragging her friends to or crying to Frank Ocean.

Polina Solovyeva, Assistant Prose Editor

Polina Solovyeva is originally from Moscow, Russia, but currently lives in New York, where she is studying English literature and creative writing at NYU. Her work has appeared in The Adroit Journal and plain china.

Jake Goldstein, Assistant Prose Editor

Jake Goldstein is a sophomore double majoring in English with a focus on Creative Writing and Language and Mind. He’s from San Diego, California, but these days can be found wandering the streets of Manhattan wearing headphones, staring up at tall buildings. He writes prose because a high school teacher once told him he’s good at it. He let that get to his head.

Christhalia Wiloto, Assistant Prose Editor

Christhalia is a sophomore studying Media, Culture, and Communications. After spending her younger years growing up in Singapore, before eventually returning to Jakarta to rediscover her home country Indonesia, and now learning to fall in love with New York, she has been finding herself drawn to exploring and writing about the themes of cultural identity. You can find some of her more recent works on The Jakarta Post and VICE.

Abe Thaler, Assistant Prose Editor & Web Editor

Abe is a senior studying English and Computer Science, with a minor in Digital Art & Design. As web editor, their job requires some extremely difficult and impressive hacking skills alongside a nuanced appreciation of the dark arts. As assistant prose editor, they just do whatever Angelica says.

Brittany Abou-Suleiman, Poetry Editor

Brittany is a senior Comparative Literature major and Creative Writing minor. Her hair began greying at age 13, but she regards it as a symbol of wisdom rather than unlucky genes. In her spare time, she enjoys critiquing sunsets visible from different rooftops. One day, she dreams of opening her own publishing company for students. While she loves to write romantic poetry, she’s beginning to realize that she is much smoother on paper than in person.

Natalie Breuer, Poetry Editor

Natalie is a senior in CAS originally from San Diego, California. She has spent her time at NYU studying economics and creative writing. She loves nothing more than writing poetry, listening to The Doors, experimenting with film photography, and wandering through museums.

Simona Ivanova, Poetry Editor

Poet and filmmaker. Born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria. Feminist, leftist, lover of the fine arts. Sophomore at Tisch, majoring in Film & TV.

Travis Schuhardt, Assistant Poetry Editor

Travis Schuhardt is a sophomore in Gallatin from Freehold, New Jersey. He considers himself a poet, playwright, and heavy sleeper (although not necessarily in that order). When not reading, writing, or sleeping, he often spends his time annoying friends and family by talking too much about grammar. 

Henry Trinder, Assistant Poetry Editor

Henry Trinder is an English Major and Musician from Norfolk, VA, the city that poet Frank O’Hara called “the a**h*** of the universe.” He likes running, buying old books, and has a scar on his left foot from stepping on a seashell when he was five. When he isn’t writing or reading, he’s probably explaining while Alex G’s song ‘Whale’ is a transcendental masterpiece.

Eva Gu, Assistant Poetry Editor

Eva Gu is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Science with an undecided major and a Creative Writing minor. She is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and misses the sun every New York winter, but hates it during all other times. She is a strong proponent of sunscreen and the double cleansing technique, and is suspicious of dog-lovers who don’t like cats. Her poetry focuses on the intersection of art and activism.

Cosmo Halterman de Ochoa, Assistant Poetry Editor & Assistant Web Editor

Cosmo Halterman de Ochoa is a junior in Gallatin studying poetics and Latinidad. She is from Texas and misses the sky. When she isn’t in the Gallatin computer lab printing something, she can be found in Brooklyn, baking bread for her roommates.

David Stapleton, Art Editor

David is a senior majoring in Studio Art (Steinhardt) and Philosophy (CAS), interested in questions such as when/in what way you are justified in believing aesthetic judgments, and how the arts and the Mathematical sciences might converge, among others.

Amira DhanoaWeb Design Editor

Amira is a senior studying engineering and digital/artistic design. She enjoys painting watercolor portraits, attending live music events, and watching the clouds turn pink at sunset. She documents it all through shaky-flash photography with her disposables and should probably invest in a film camera at this point.

Ian Herel, Copy Editor

Ian is a sophomore “studying” writing, though he struggles to decide which arbitrary facts and falsehoods are most relevant for him to write. He is considering submitting all future writings he is made to produce under the name Oregano Sanders. He is interested in the origins of oregano and his favorite color is oranges.



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