About West 10th

West 10th is a student-edited literary journal for all NYU undergraduates.

**Applications are now open for the 2017-2018 Editorial Board! Details here.

2016-2017 Editorial Board

AEditor-in-Chief: Alyssa Matesic Matesic is a senior Honors English major and Creative Nonfiction minor. In order to procrastinate on her thesis, she reads provocative Vice articles, practices Mandarin, and seeks out new ice cream shops in the East Village. She hopes that editing turns out to be her calling. lyssa Matesic, Editor-in-Chief

Alyssa is a senior Honors English major and Creative Nonfiction minor. In orer to procrastinate on her thesis, she reads provocative Vice articles, practices Mandarin, and seeks out new ice cream shops in the East Village. She hopes that editing turns out to be her calling.




Juliette Maigné, Managing Editor

Juliette is a junior born and raised in Marseille, France. She is majoring in Social & Cultural Analysis and minoring in Politics and Creative Writing. Her interests include the intersections of gender and sexuality with the fracturing legacies of imperialism, capitalism and decolonization in France’s urban spaces and how they seep into present conversations about race. She can almost certainly be found listening to music or browsing through dank memes.


Su Young Lee, Prose Editor

Su Young Lee (just Su!) is double majoring in English and Journalism and minoring in Creative Writing. For someone who is actually required to do so much writing, she has the surprising tendency to avoid it as much as possible until she has to force herself to produce something at strange hours of the night.




Anetxy Barnes, Assistant Prose Editor

Anetxy Barnes is a senior with a Media, Culture, and Communications major and Creative Writing Fiction minor. On her long commutes from Brooklyn she enjoys solving The New York Times crosswords and listening to NPR podcasts. She still has no idea what she wants to be when she grows up.



Charisa Gunasekera, Assistant Prose Editor

Charisa Gunasekera is a rising senior at New York University who is double majoring in Global Liberal Studies (with a concentration in Art and Literatures) and in English and American Literature with a minor in Creative Writing. She previously spent two full academic years working and studying at NYULondon and is excited to be spending her senior year back in NYC as a part of the West 4th team! She is also currently writing her Senior Thesis on the issue of Racial Equity and Diversity in the 21st Century Book Publishing Industry, though her personal passion lies in both in reading and writing contemporary fiction.

rosalyn lin.JPG

Rosalyn Lin, Assistant Prose Editor

Rosalyn Lin is a senior studying Information Systems and Operations Management. She has an unhealthy obsession with Cinnamon Toast Crunch and buys more books than she actually has time to read.



ben mok.jpg


Benjamin Mok, Assistant Prose Editor

Born and raised in captivity, Ben lives in his local bookshop. He once escaped its confines, only to find that he knew nothing about the world apart from what he learnt in trashy fantasy novels. Now, he spends most of his time reading, writing, and tilting at windmills.



Justin Hong, Poetry Editor

Justin Hong is a senior at New York University studying Asian Pacific American Studies and Creative Writing. He is thoroughly convinced that a politics has always already invaded one’s poetic imagination and that one cannot escape this simply but pretending it is not true. Justin‘s favorite season is winter when it is summer and summer when it is winter. And, chances are, he is thinking about colonialism.


shannagh rowland.jpg


Shannagh Rowland, Poetry Editor

Shannagh Rowland, stemming from the west of Ireland, is a senior at NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study. Her studies focus on the relationship between exile and modern literature, whilst her writing often centers around different ideas of homeland. Apart from reading or writing, she’s a lover of live music and tuna-fish tacos.



E Yeon Chang, Assistant Poetry Editor

E Yeon Chang is a sophomore at CAS from Seoul, Korea. She is a 2015 YoungArts Finalist in Writing and a 2016 recipient of the Tory Dent Research Scholarship in Creative Writing. E Yeon’s confident she’ll die young and brilliant, although she’s working on the latter.






Jae Lee, Assistant Poetry Editor

Jae Lee is a junior English major and Creative Writing minor concentrating in poetry, who hopes to spend her life writing, sharing her writing, and teaching. When she isn’t walking dogs around Washington Square park, you can find her at your local Thai restaurant drafting poems on her phone, tweeting about modern forms of injustice, and watching cute cat videos. 




Adam Young, Assistant Poetry Editor

Adam is a junior at Gallatin studying English, Creative Writing, and Economics. His poems have been published in the Bellevue Literary Review and the Gallatin Review, and he is currently an editorial intern at The Hudson Review. His favorite ways to procrastinate are playing chess, watching basketball, and binge watching TV.




Adnan Zarif, Assistant Poetry Editor

Zarif is originally from Chicago. His poems have been published in the Hartskill Review, London Journal of Fiction, Bear Review, Clackamas Literary Review, Dark River Review, and Brio. Last spring, his work was given honorable mention by the Academy of American Poets for the Judith Lobel Arkin poetry prize.


ondine charlesworth.png


Ondine Charlesworth, Art Editor

Ondine Charlesworth is a senior Art History major, with a special interest in modern photography and prints. She paints and writes poetry in her spare time, wants to learn German and embroidery and loves Jim Jarmusch films.


david stapleton.jpg


David Stapleton, Art Editor

David R. Stapleton is a sophomore in the studio art program at Steinhardt. He is an experienced photographer, painter, and aspiring filmmaker, with interests in both literature and philosophy. His photography has been published in a previous edition of West 10th.




Amira Dhanoa, Web Editor

Amira is a sophomore studying engineering and digital/artistic design. She enjoys painting watercolor portraits, attending live music events, and watching the clouds turn pink at sunset. She documents it all through shaky-flash photography with her disposables, and should probably invest in a film camera at this point.




Audrey Deng, Copy Editor

Audrey is a writer, editor, and pianist based in New York,
currently studying in Paris. She enjoys making tiny videos, practicing her French, and feeling overwhelmed by old buildings, new music, and trees. Oui oui oui. Follow her on Twitter @DengAudrey.

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