Submit to West 10th

Send your poetry, prose, and art to The deadline for the 2018-2019 edition has been extended to TUESDAY, JANUARY 8, 2019.

Some guidelines:

1. You may submit up to 3 poems, 5,000 words of prose,* and 6 images.**

*Longer works of prose, if their length is justifiable, will be considered on a case-by-case basis. We accept creative fiction and nonfiction.

**This includes photography, drawings, and other visual arts.

2. All poetry and prose submissions must be in word .doc or .docx format. PDFs and .pages documents will not be accepted. 

3. Please fill out a submission form and attach it with your submission. You may include the information for all your submissions on one submission form. Please return this submission form as a word document NOT a jpeg.

4. All art submissions must be at least 8 inches on the longest side at a resolution of 300dpi. Check this information using Photoshop > image > image size. Feel free to include a title for each image. Please note that all art published in the magazine will be black and white. Please select your submissions accordingly.

Download the submission form here: 2018-2019 West 10th Submission Form


Questions? Reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 


10 thoughts on “Submit to West 10th”

  1. Hi, for prose submitters, is it possible to submit multiple pieces as long as the total word count is under 5,000 words? For example, could I submit for review one 3,000 word short story, and two 1,000 word vignettes?
    Thanks, hope the question is helpful to others out there as well.

    • Hi Reid,

      Thanks for the comment! The answer is yes, as long as the total bulk of what you send us is 5,000 words or under, please feel free to send multiple things.

      Hope this helps, let us know if you have any more questions. We look forward to reading your work!

  2. Hello,
    My creative writing professor gave us copies of West 10th along with flyers with the deadline date for submission. The flyer says that the deadline is November 30, but your site says December 14. Which date is correct? I’m still working on which pieces I would like to submit, so I would like to know how much time I have. Thank you!

  3. Are submissions only open to NYU undergrads or alumni as well?

  4. Hello,
    Will I receive an email notification if my work is accepted into 2016-2017’s edition of West 10th? If so, when approximately will I be notified? Thank you!

  5. When will you send out your decisions for the 2016-2017 edition?

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